we help make healthy smiles!

We believe…

We believe that you light up the world with your smile!

We believe that a healthy, happy smile reflects a healthy body and a confident person.

We believe that people are becoming more discriminating about what they put into and on their bodies, but up until now, we did not have much choice among natural toothpastes.

We believe the Internet has opened our eyes about healthy ways to look after our teeth, but that those methods are messy, time consuming or just plain taste awful!


We created Black Magic Toothpaste as an alternate choice in a totally natural toothpaste. We include effective ingredients like charcoal, coconut oil and baking soda, and we made it a consistency that is easy and pleasant to use.


As it turns out, Black Magic is even better than we expected: our testers are saying they are noticing whiter teeth within only a few days of use.  They tell us that their teeth feel smooth and clean, like they just had a professional cleaning, and they remark that they actually look forward to brushing their teeth with Black Magic!

We believe that Black Magic Toothpaste can help you get a healthier mouth and give you back a gorgeous smile!  And that helps give you a healthier body.

Help us make the world healthier, one smile at a time!